All of our flavors are always 100% egg and dairy-free. Our waffle chips and cones are also egg, dairy, and gluten-free. We do our best to call out any flavors that contain any of the more common allergens like nuts & gluten, but if you ever have questions don’t hesitate to ask. Please be aware that our products are all produced in a kitchen that processes nuts, gluten, honey, and other potential allergens.


We have nothing to hide. If we can make your experience enjoying a treat better by sharing all the things then let’s go!

Technically, our product does not qualify to be called “ice cream” per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) definition. The FDA only categorizes anything with 10% or more butterfat as ice cream, and then has different categorization (i.e. low-fat, reduced, fat, etc.) the less butterfat there is. Since we don’t use milk at all, the fat content in our product comes from plant-based oils rather than butterfat, meaning we don’t actually get to call our stuff “ice cream.” Technically, it’s “frozen dessert” (or, “non-dairy frozen dessert” if you want to be more specific), though we’d bet you you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference.

Our non-dairy ‘milk’ replacement is oat milk. And then to get that rich, creamy ‘ice cream’ feel, we use a blend of lentils, water, and plant-based oils as a replacement for the heavy cream usually found in ice cream.

We make everything by scratch and each recipe is unique, but our base ingredients include: oats, lentils, water, a blend of plant-based oils (palm, palm kernel, canola, palm, rapeseed, coconut), sugar, modified corn starch, sucrose esters of fatty acid, salt, guar gum, locust bean gum, sunflower lecithin, mono and di-glycerides.

We will always call out when a flavor contains nuts and/or gluten. With that, we process everything in the same kitchen, so there is always a small chance of cross-contamination.


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You can also catch us elsewhere around Charlotte in our shasta camper – check our events page and follow us on Instagram to find out more!


Seemingly Overzealous is a local ice cream (technically frozen dessert) business, owned and operated by partners (both in business and in life) Garrett and Jess. All of our flavors are dairy free and handmade (by Us!), with our entire menu designed to be accommodating to those with food allergies.


Planning a party? Our adorable camper serves as a mobile location that can be booked for special events. Drop us the details and we’ll send you a quote if we can make it!


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